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  About Us
Sathyadeepam Kuries and loans started in 1981 at Thrissur in Vilmala building in Rice bazar with 20 share holders and had been registered according to companies act. In the beginning the capital amount was 1 Lakh.

The first Chairman of the Company was Mr.V.L Joseph and the Board of Directors were Mr.P.A Johny (Deputy Chairman), Mr.P.E Jacob (Managing Director), Mr.Joy Thottan, Mr.Tomy Chakkola, Adv.P.C Antony.

After that a branch office opened in Bangalore and started some kuries from there and loans have been approved from head office.

When the date of kuri expired and the laws of govt. changed, for a better future for the company we decided to increase the capital. During the period of 1996 our company chairman was Sri. VARGEES.C.A, and our Dy. Chairman was Sri. Mr. JOHNSON. and our managing director was Sri M.K ANTONY .after that, because of hardworking of these leaders with sri DAVIS THARAYIL, Sri K.O JOSE , they added new shareholders to the company and with 500 shares they got 25 lakhs, and they increased it as capital they started a new branch in faridabad and from their they got new kuries and the COMPANY become more strong.

During the period 2000, when the company needs increased, and the number of customer increased we forced to change our office to central building in palace road.

From there we started new kuries. The company become more strong with the corporation of share holders and the customers. Then we come to the people with a plan of kuri without intrest. According to this kuri we started 2 plans of 4,80,000 and 2,40,000. the customers accepted these plans heartily..

After 5 years we again changed our office to K.K. FRANCIS BUILDING IN HIGHWAY ROAD. from 2005 the office started in Francis building.

Now in our company every 5th and 20th of English month there is a longtime kuri. for this, we have total price below 20 lakhs and 3000 customers.

Now, in this occasion we thank P.E. Jacob, V.L. JOSEPH, T.N. NAARAYANA IYER, V.C. CHAAKUNNI, T.T. ANTONY Who where the first shareholders of our company and now they are not with us.

Every year we respect the children of shareholders, customers who scored above distinction in SSLC examination by giving scholarship and memento.
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